Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology is becoming a top priority for organizations, of every type and size, looking to drive business transformation and achieve a competitive edge. M2M makes the Internet of Things (IoT) possible by connecting machines, devices, and objects to the internet, turning them into intelligent assets that people use to communicate with the world around them and provide connected solutions to consumers. Döelli assists with M2M solution strategy that opens up a new range of possibilities for businesses i.e., how they operate, how they grow, and how they keep customers happy.

The potential of IoT is real. M2M communication is unleashing significant innovation and transformation in our homes, businesses and cities but challenges exist from a cultural and technical perspective. Döelli works with organizations to take steps to ensure they are IoT ready and able to drive maximum potential from IoT opportunities while simultaneously respecting the interest that consumers have in maintaining the confidentiality of their personal information.

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