Servicing Carrier Certification

Döelli can help guide prospective insurance companies through the cumbersome and complex process of becoming a qualified servicing carrier to bid on service opportunities and realize new revenue streams in the billion dollar workers compensation residual market.

Eligibility to become a workers compensation servicing carrier and bid on a portion of different states residual market business, requires precertification which is a process to evaluate a prospective insurance company’s ability to properly service workers compensation policies. This is achieved by illustrating that a prospective carrier has the necessary personnel, systems and procedures in place to deliver the servicing levels required by each states Workers Compensation Insurance Plan. 

Döelli works with clients to determine the feasibility of becoming a servicing carrier. 

Proactive Servicing Carrier Oversight Audit Service

Döelli can provide performance standard audits of a client’s workers compensation servicing carrier operations. This proactive oversight audit maintenance service can help reduce a carriers overall recommendations/issues during future on-site audits by the Residual Market Plan Administrator. Our unique audit maintenance service helps ensure that a servicing carrier is on-track by reviewing company procedures and/or sampling a small number of files to identify any operational performance or process issues against the required or enhanced performance standards for underwriting, premium audit, loss control and claims administration. See our Residual Market Operations Performance Audit section for more information. 

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